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EN 590 is an automotive diesel that is produced according to industry-imposed specifications of ISO in Paris.This fuel obtains up to 40% more mileage per weight unit of fuel. It is a popular choice as it is known to present less harmful emissions than a number of other fuels.

Fuels sold within the European Union must meet with EN590 physical properties.

ULSD is Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel which is almost the only type of fuel that is used in Europe and North America. This is a preferred fuel as it boasts much lower sulphur content than other fuels. Heavy processing techniques are carried out on the fuel to remove the high sulphur levels which results in this particular type of fuel offering lower fuel economy. This of course affects transport costs and the cost of the actual fuel. There is no one single set of specifications for this particular product.

Appearance at 25˚C Max 1
Ash content Max 0.01% Wt
Carbon residue (10% distillation) Max 0.2% mass
Sulfur content Max 10 ppm
Cetane Index Min 46
Cloud point Max -1˚C
Colour Max 2
Conductivity at 20˚C Min 150 pS/m
Copper corrosion (3 hrs at 50˚C) Max Class 1
Density @ 15 C g/ml Min-Max 0.820-0.845
Distillation Max 360˚C
Distillation % volume recovered at 250˚C Max 65.0%
Distillation % volume recovered at 350˚C Min 85.0%
Flash point Min 64˚C
Lubricity (corrected wear scar diameter at 60˚C 460 microns
Odour Merchantable
Oxidation stability Max 25 mg/L
Particulate matter Max 24 mg/kg
Viscosity at 40˚C Min-Max 2.0-4.5 cSt
Water content Max 100 mg/kg
Water & sediment Max 0.05% volume

Specifications for Diesel EN590

Quality of D-2 GAS (DIESEL) OIL EN 590 delivered under the present contract should meet to requirements of GOST 305-82, switching, but not being limited to the requirements of the below mentioned specification.


Densityat15˚C REPORT Kg/L 0.840
  REPORT Kg/L 0,845
COLOUR 25 Max - 1.10
Distillation at 90% Recovered 370 Max ?C 365.7
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 ?C 1.5 – 5.8 cst 4.0(typical)
Sulphur 0.0010 Max Wt 0.0010
  10 ppm    
Carbon Residue (10% Residue) 0.1 Max Wt < 0.1 (typical)
Flash Point 56 Min ?C 60.0
Total Acid Number 0.25 Max Mg KOH/g 0.1 (typical)
Strong Acid Number Nil Mg KOH/g Nil (typical)
Water by Distillation Max 200 Mg/kg  
Ash Max 0.01 % wt 0.002 (typical)
Cetane Index 47 Min - 55
Pour Point   ?C -10
Sediment by Extraction 0.01 Max Wt % < 0.01 (typical)
Copper Corrosion 1 Max - 1B
Cold Filter Plugging

Point Summer Intermediate Winter

°C    -          5-         11-          20

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